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Vertical Market Sales Tools - Nonprofit

Our sales flyers and opportunity guides are designed to help you take the sales conversation to the next level. They bring together industry insights and trends, talking points, common questions you can expect from the customer, and popular products most commonly used by the particular vertical market. Used in conjunction with our sell sheets and tech sheets, you will have all of the information you need.

Opportunity Guide

The Nonprofit Opportunity Guide provides helpful information including:

  • Industry Overview to understand the purpose and mission of nonprofit businesses and how they use signage
  • Trends & Opportunities complete with product ideas to propose during your sales calls
  • Executive Insights to better understand the issues and concerns that keep your customer up at night.
  • Discovery Questions to help you uncover a variety of product and service sales opportunities

The Opportunity Guide will help you prepare for successful sales calls with nonprofits of all types, helping you maximize your opportunities with this industry segment.

View/Download Nonprofit Opportunity Guide

Sales Flyer

Once you have your customer’s interest, then share the Nonprofit Sales Flyer to highlight the visual graphics and signage products that can be used to improve their level of engagement with potential members and donors.

Event Signage is easy to set up anywhere at a moment’s notice. Our signage options include interior and exterior signs, banners, and magnets.

Interior Decor and Decals allow you to ‘go big’! Choose from Murals and Wall Coverings, Wall Decals, Floor Decals, or Window Decals in full color.

Temporary Signs and Badges deliver the information people need to feel comfortable in a new setting. From wayfinding signs and directories to a reusable volunteer badge, signs and badges provide important information.

View/Download Nonprofit Sales Flyer