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Vinyl Cut Wall Decals

Vinyl Cut Wall Decals create the look of painted graphics on walls but are easy to position, and feature precise cuts that ensure that your decals are crisp and readable. Decals can be used to decorate a wide variety of different surfaces including walls, windows, and more.

Process: Cut vinyl

Material: 3.2 mil. semi-gloss vinyl

Attachments: Comes with applicator and easy application directions

Other Information:

  • One-time use adhesive
  • May be applied to most hard surfaces including walls, counters, and windows
  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • Minimum temperature for application is 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • When installed properly, anticipated lifespan for is 3 years for gold/silver and 5 years for other colors
  • Applicator and application instructions are included with each order

Decals are available in the following finished overall sizes as standard options.

Custom sizes are available. Please refer to the Tech Sheet for more information. The Tech Sheet can be found below in the Additional Information section.

Item Number H” x W”
5VS-20080 2″ x 8″
5VS-40040 4″ x 4″
5VS-40012 4″ x 12″
5VS-40018 4″ x 18″
5VS-40024 4″ x 24″
5VS-60060 6″ x 6″
5VS-60018 6″ x 18″
5VS-80080 8″ x 8″
5VS-80018 8″ x 18″
5VS-80024 8″ x 24″
5VS-12X12 12″ x 12″
5VS-12X18 12″ x 18″
5VS-18X24 18″ x 24″
5VS-24X24 24″ x 24″

Vinyl Cut Decals are available in 15 color options. Maximum of 3 vinyl colors can be used in a single decal, additional fees apply for more than one color.

  • Aqua (PMS 321C)
  • Blue (PMS 301C)
  • Brown (PMS 4625C)
  • Burgundy (PMS 7421C)
  • Gold (PMS 4505C)
  • Gray (PMS 7543C)
  • Green (PMS 3415C)
  • Lavender (PMS 257C)
  • Pink (PMS 223C)
  • Purple (PMS 2756C)
  • Red (PMS 485C)
  • Silver (PMS 430C)
  • Yellow (137C)
  • White (PMS 7541C)
  • Black (PMS 3C)

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