Square Sign System

The Square Sign System offers a variety of flat signage solutions designed to match and complement any project. The system includes: wall signs, directories, table signs, suspended signs, and projected signs.

The Square sign system is designed to support both flexible and rigid graphic inserts using a modular design that is flexible and expandable. The sign design is comprised of two extruded end rails that give this system its characteristic 2-sided frame design, two extruded low-profile rails, and four corner end caps that hold the whole system together. Assembly of the Square sign system doesn’t require screws or glue.

Wall Frames

Available in either portrait or landscape orientation, these signs are a perfect choice for all your room identification signage. Enhance the overall sign design by incorporating the floating mount to lend the appearance of the sign “floating” in front of the wall.


Directory signs are required throughout a building starting with the receptions are and continuing through the hallways. Create separation between listings on the directory by incorporating them into a single graphic insert or “stack” several signs vertically to create an expandable directory.


Suspended signs are mostly used in hallways and large open lobbies or atria to help guide and direct people. Suspended signs can consist of one or more signs connected in “ladder” fashion.

Flag or Projected

Flag signs are very good attracting the public’s attention and are most commonly used to identify bathrooms, public areas, meeting rooms, security information, and in airports to indicate lounge areas.


Table signs are most often used for informational or promotional purposes as opposed to wayfinding purposes. Use these signs to identify the occupant of a work station, communication business hours, or call attention to new or special offers. Table signs are available with the wide frame rails oriented either horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait).

Aluminum Anodized Frame – Single Sided • Charcoal Gray Acrylic Top Insert with Direct Printed Logo & Text • Brushed Silver Acrylic Bottom Inserts with Direct Printed Arrows & Text • Suction Cup Provided for Insert Removal • Black Metal Endcaps • Black Plastic Divider Strips • Mounting Holes Provided for Wall Mount

Aluminum Anodized Frame – Double Sided • Black Acrylic Inserts with Direct Printed Images & Text • Suction Cup Provided for Insert Removal • Gray Plastic Endcaps • (2) Cables for Ceiling Mount