Embellish with Shapes

Adding a unique shape to one or more layers is a way to add style to your sign. No matter the sign construction type you choose (Appliqué, Photopolymer, Thermoform, Metal) we can create the shape your sign requires.

• Sometimes less is more. A gently curved top creates a shape that is easily pulled through all the signs in a building for a cohesive look.

• Use shapes to reinforce branding, mascots, and logos. The egg-shaped sign was designed for the corporate offices of an egg production facility.

• Intricate shapes open the door to lots of design options. Create state, mascot, or logo silhouettes as a sign backdrop to display colorful or notable features.

• Carry distinctive themes throughout your facility or designate different areas by using shaped signs.

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Bright White Acrylic Back Layer • Bahama Blue Acrylic Top Layer with Applied Bright White Raised Text & Raster Bead Grade 2 Braille • Graphite Acrylic Bottom Layer with Applied Bright White Raised Text & Raster Bead Grade 2 • Square Corners & Custom Arch Shape

Direct Printed Gradient Shadow Acrylic Top Layer with Open Slider Window • Applied Charcoal Gray Raised Text & Raster Bead Grade 2 Braille • Square Corners & Custom Egg Shape • Back Layer Direct Printed Orange with Knock-Out White Letters “OPEN / IN USE” • Direct Printed Custom Egg Shape Slider Piece

Brushed Silver Acrylic Background with Direct Printed Trees/Water • Applied Black Raised Text & Raster Bead Grade 2 Braille • Custom Minnesota State Shape

Thermoform Sign • Subsurface Painted • Integral Metal Text and Design Accent • Domed Grade 2 Braille