Metal Plaques

Metal plaques offer a sense of permanency with a classic look and architectural depth. Available in a range of metals, techniques, and finishes these plaques are ideal for almost any application. They work great in professional offices, university and government buildings, and commemorative uses.

Choose from metal plaques in Bronze, Brass, or Aluminum all offering unparalleled design flexibility. Choose cast or precision tooled plaques that offer depth and texture or etched and engraved plaques that can reproduce images and photos with incredible precision and detail.

Bronze and brass alloys are always lead-free and all three of these metals offer exceptional durability for demanding outdoor applications, including in saltwater climates.

Cast and Precision Tooled

When designing a plaque, consider the size, shape, thickness, mounting, and images of the finished product.

Metal Options: Bronze, Brass, and Aluminum

Standard Borders: 13 standard border designs plus custom borders

Finish Options: Standard and specialty options for finishing the metal, adding color to the raised or background, edge color, and clear coating.

Background Textures: Choose from six standard texture options

Mounting: Choose from a number of different surface, stake or post mounting options

Etched and Engraved

Etching and engraving can reproduce images and photos with surprising accuracy and detail. Etched and engraved elements can be combined with cast or precision tooled plaques for truly unique designs.

Metals: Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, or Copper

Graphics: Recessed, Raised, Line Art, and Photography

Mounting: Four standard surface mounting options

Edges: Choose from square or beveled edges

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1/8″ Etched Brass • Brushed Finish • Painted Brown Background Fill • Vector Art Provided • Standard Stud Mount

Cast Aluminum • Brushed Finish • Painted Black Background Fill • Stipple Background Texture • Inset Single Line Border • Vector Art Provided • Standard Stud Mount

Bas Relief Molded Image Adhered to the Plaque • Cast Bronze • Brushed Finish • Painted Dark Oxide Background • Sand Background Texture • Single Line Border • Vector Art & High Resolution Photograph • Standard Stud Mount