Embellish with Layers

Use layers to add depth, color, and visual interest to your sign. Layers can be thin or thick, opaque or translucent, or combinations of acrylic, wood, or metal. Integrate standoff mounts to separate the layers for even more depth, creating a unique and sophisticated sign design.

• Solid color acrylic provides color through the full thickness of the materials. Available in more than 40 different colors

• Clear or colored frosted acrylic provides a subtle way to add depth and design to your sign

• Solid wood adds a unique look and creates just the right brand feel

• Incorporating a real metal, or metal-look, layer can add a modern, industrial flair to your sign design

• Create a little depth by using foam tape or a lot of depth by using metal stand-offs

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Brushed Silver Acrylic Back Layer • Burgundy Acrylic Top Layer with Shape Cut-Outs • Applied Bright White Raised Text & Raster Bead Grade 2 Braille • Square Corners & Custom Shape

Direct Printed Woodgrain Back Layer • Clear Acrylic Top Layer • Applied Bright White Raised Text & Raster Bead Grade 2 Braille • Square Corners • (4) 1/2″ Diameter Matte Aluminum Stand-Off Mounts

Blue Acrylic Backer • Walnut with Burgundy Finish • Photopolymer Face with Integral Text & Domed Grade 2 Braille • Raised Text Painted Pearl Gray

Frosted Acrylic Backer • Natural Walnut • Charcoal Gray Acrylic with Laser Cut Custom Design • Silver Painted Applied Text • Silver Painted Applied Accent Strips • Raster Bead Grade 2 Braille