Curved Sign System

The Curved Sign System offers a comprehensive signage solution for a unified look for virtually all your signs. The system includes: suspended signs, projected signs, directories, double-sided pylons, triangular pylons, post signs, and table stands.

The Curved sign system uses continuous lengths of black or clear anodized aluminum extrusions that can be sized to nearly any sign dimension. A variety of end cap designs creates a finished product that can be installed in a variety of ways from wall mount, projected, suspended, and freestanding. The Curved sign system is flexible enough to accept a wide variety of sign inserts from paper graphics to ADA compliant inserts. A single sign can even be neatly divided into individual sections with integrated separation strips.

Wall Signs

Create wall-mounted signs with the Curved sign extrusions using any flat, flexible substrate to product a curved-face sign.

Projecting Signs

The projecting signs are designed to accept standard size extrusions. Three types of bases/brackets are available.


Curved directories are fast, easy and simple to assemble and install without the need for special tools. You decide how big a sign you need, the height of the sections, and even where you want to install the sign.

Multi-Sign Directory

Stack individual signs to create a multi-sign directory. Quickly and easily expand the directory by simply adding more signs.

Kangaroo and Boomerang Table Stands

The Kagaroo (taller and narrower) and the Boomerang (wider and shorter) table sign frames are offed as complete packages:

  • Convex frame, aluminum base and end cap, clear/non-glare lens
  • Available in several sizes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to change insert
  • Designed to accept standard paper or other sign substrates

Double Sided Pylons

The Curved sign system offers the option to create freestanding convex, double-sided signs to used with standard sign substrates that are easy to replace/update. Great for show rooms, lobbies, parking lots, airports, hospitals, office buildings, campuses, libraries and more!

Suspended Signs

Standard profiles and end caps are used with specially designed connectors, that also serve as cable clamps, to create unending combinations of vertical and horizontal curved double-sided suspended signs.

Double Sided Post Signs

Stylish posts can be used to support a double sided sign. Or, place two posts side-by-side and mount a convex double-sided sign for a sign that is sure to impress.

Triangular Post Signs

A triangular freestanding sign utilizes a short post section and a matching base to support the main triangular directly element. An additional post section is used to set the header apart from the main element.

Triangular Pylons

A triangular pylon, utilizing short sections of Curved sign extrusions between frame sections, create an attractive wayfinding system. Bases are available for both permanent and portable applications.

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Aluminum Anodized Frame – Single Sided • Teal Acrylic Inserts with Direct Printed Logo, Directory Images & Text • Suction Cup Provided for Insert Removal • Black Metal Endcaps • Black Plastic Divider Strips • Mounting Holes Provided for Wall Mount

Aluminum Anodized Frame – Double Sided • White Acrylic Inserts with Direct Printed Logo, Images & Text • Suction Cup Provided for Insert Removal • Black Metal Endcaps & Base • Mounting Holes Provided in Base for Floor Mount