Cast Metal

Cast metal is one of the longest lasting and durable sign solutions on the market. Available in aluminum or bronze, these letters and logos can be easily customized to meet your needs with the variety of finish options offered. Banks, government buildings and universities have long preferred cast metal letters and logos for their classic look, deep dimension, and durability. When a sense of permanence and class is required, cast metal is the perfect option.

  • More than 60 standard letter styles & symbols
  • Economical custom cast with more depth
  • Flat, round or prismatic profile options
  • Variety of finish options including painted, brushed, anodized, oxidized, and patina
  • Earth-Friendly Alloys – 100% recyclable; all metals are lead and mercury free
  • Aluminum or Bronze
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Aluminum Finishes

  • Buffed: Faces are buffed to a high luster eliminating most, but not all, face imperfections and then a gloss clear coat is applied. Side returns are painted metallic silver.
  • Anodized: Anodized finishes are not just coatings – they are part of the finished aluminum letter. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that hardens aluminum and allows it to be colorized. Benefits of anodized aluminum include abrasion and weather resistance; increased hardness and durability; will not crack or peel; unaffected by sunlight/UV exposure; environmentally friendly; cost effective
  • Brushed: Choose from a variety of brushed finishes for a range of visual effects.
  • Painted: Choose from over 40 standard paint colors

Bronze Finishes

  • Patinas: By their very nature, patina finishes will vary from letter to letter and order to order. These finishes will change in appearance over time depending on contact with moisture and temperature. Patinas can “bleed” onto the installation surface when installed outside.
  • Oxidized: Bronze is chemically treated, then hand rubbed, to produce an antique look on the letter face. Letter returns are painted black and the letter is sprayed with a low gloss clear coating.
  • Brushed: Choose from a variety of brushed finishes for a range of visual effects.
  • Polished: A polished finish removes most surface imperfections and creates a shiny, polished result.

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Aluminum • Dark Bronze Anodized Finish • Mounting Pattern Included • Times New Roman Font • Standard Stud Mount