NSP Streamlines Employee Badge Ordering Process

When you are managing employees at over 750 banking branches, streamlined processes and reliable vendors are imperative. This bank’s marketing team was looking for a badge option that looked exactly alike, or very similar to, to the wood badge that they were currently ordering, but with a better price, more consistent quality, and reliable turn times.


The badge to “match” was actually made with real wood, an expensive and sometimes unpredictable raw material. It was two separate pieces with the company logo engraved on colored plastic that was attached to the wood badge that had engraved names.


The NSP sales and product development teams were able to offer a wide variety of possible badge options, including an option to exactly match the current wood badge. Ultimately, the proposal was narrowed down to three options:

  • Digitally printed wood grain design with digitally printed names
  • Digitally printed wood grain badges with engraved names
  • Wood material badges with digitally printed names.


After the digitally printed wood grain badge with digitally printed name badge was selected, we developed a system to fulfill the initial order of 4,500 badges as well as a streamlined process to fulfill one-off orders that follow.

This is truly a print on demand program (POD), where now the bank can order 1 badge at a time without incurring minimum order costs. Unlike a traditional hold-and-release badge program, there are no warehousing costs and no additional costs to the customer.