Controlling Marketing Messages with Technology

While growing at a rapid pace, a national telecommunications company struggled with preserving their brand and managing their marketing messages to thousands of stores and independent providers. Retail sales associates would modify or create their own marketing materials which were then shared with peers and customers. They needed a process to protect and control their messaging to protect inaccurate information from spreading. This industry faces increasingly strict legal and regulatory requirements, tight budgets, and limited resources so a timely and cost effective solution was critical.

The telecommunications company needed a solution to help better control messaging— ensure the delivery of the right message at the right time, across multiple channels—to ensure a unified brand experience. They wanted a simple solution to a complex problem: a way to guarantee that their message would be delivered as intended in a timely manner to the right audience.


NSP was able to offer the company a secure software solution that sales representatives use to tailor marketing materials to their specific customers, regions, and demographics while still preserving brand standards and content.

With this solution in place, each user has their own login and password that controls what materials they see and how they can be customized. Back-end analytics show marketing leaders which promotions and materials are popular in each geographical area, allowing them to customize programs regionally.


This easy-to-use system was quickly adapted and within the first year, the company saw a 700% increase in sales representative adoption and experienced a 40% reduction in marketing expenses. The program has grown to include over 400 products; including sandwich boards, yard signs, window clings, posters, spinner signs, banners, pole wraps and more. NSP developed new products to fulfill their marketing needs and new items have been put into production in as little as 4 hours.