Modified ID Badge Displays Nursing Distinction

A regional hospital was interested in sharing their Magnet Nursing certification in a meaningful way with patients while in their care. Instead of a permanent award certificate hanging on a wall that could easily be missed, they wanted something portable that the nurses could wear while working.


Because we had previously created a new-to-us product for this customer, they came to us with the challenge to create a way to display the Magnet certification for their nursing staff. It had to be 2-sided, lightweight, and small enough not to interfere with nursing duties.


Utilizing our 20 mil white plastic polystyrene material, we created a two-sided ‘badge’ with a slot for a strap clip. One side of the ‘badge’ highlighted the key concepts of the Magnet Nursing Certification program with the hospital logo, while the other side showcased the benefits of the Magnet program and the subcommittees that were part of the program.


A proprietary product was set up with their specific requirements making repeat orders easy. The original order of 4,000 ‘badges’ had a short lead time to ensure delivery by their Magnet launch which NSP met due to timely project management.