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2019 NSP New Product Supplement

What’s new in 2019?

  • Clear acrylic stock brings a fresh, modern look to full color name badges, desk & wall signs, wall art, table tents, and pedestal signs.
  • Laser engraving brings the classic look of engraved logos and monograms to notebooks and portfolios, making it a perfect way to personalize upscale corporate or personal gifts.
  • Add a creative twist with engraved wooden name badges. Engraving creates a durable and readable image, while the wood stock adds a unique natural look.
  • The MINE® stamp is a textile stamp designed to mark any fabric surface with any custom message. This stamp is perfect for marking children’s jackets and backpacks, marking clothing tags when traveling, or marking fabric surfaces in almost any setting.
  • Comet and Pullman stock band stamps bring an industrial grade body together with a long-lasting band, making these stamps a durable option for daily and repeated use.

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